AprPAD Day: 22 The Earthiness of It All

The Earthiness of It All

Worms never scared me
never turned me into
a girlie-girl.
I loved them –
their twisty curly bits
that swirled J shaped
hooks off the end
of my finger. I loved
that they lingered
and lounged
wrapped around
my thumb.
Earthy jewellery.
Nature’s ornaments.
And they were also
damned useful for fishing.


Miz Quickly’s Prompt; Day 22 – Earth Day


The Steam Vents At Stew Lane


I am caught
I am held
By pale organza ribbon streams
Hissing damp
Into chaste air
Pursuing heaven from the depths
Of earth’s dark musked breath.
And all thoughts
Of this day’s Progress
Are swept up and carried
Into mists of ghosts.
They disburse
Escape me.
To flee
On wings of steam.

Poetic Asides Day 2: Brightness and Darkness and Joseph Harker’s Recursions Day 2 Prompt: A Deep Drink

April PAD Day 1 – Girlishly Simple


She was stirred with a mix of fright and delight,
and fought nervous pitched knots that flicked
at her ribs. This was a very long flight with dips
and bumps that sent her paling into a near faint.
She scolded herself for her girlishly simple fears.

And when the belts were re-buckled, and the flight
ended on a slight hop of a note, she stretched
the tension from her nerves, and stepped quickly
away from the plane. Warm, moist breezes welcomed
her skin, sending shivers in the full of a grinning sun.

And she knew that she had arrived.

AprPAD Day 1: “Arrived”

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