AprPAD: Day 19, Strung Out on a Guitar


Mama thought everything changed
after he was hit by lightning. He swore
off the weed, dismantled the still,
turned away his fleshy needs,
and steeled his will. Now he wiggles
his fingers and flexes his arms,
and drapes himself around the neck
of this favourite guitar – Daddy’s
entangled and strung out in love
with its song. But he says a vice
by any other name is still
just a vice, but he reckons there’s
no harm in being drunk on a song.

Written for Miz Quickly’s Prompt Day: 19 “Wish you were here”


AprPad Day 17: Red on White

Red On White

From whose knot did you untwine,
unstitch and untie, unravel
from your vine of thread, scarlet
as poppies on a battlefield,
vermillion love, lost red button
staring back from the snow.

Written for Miz Quickly’s prompt: Day 17 “Found Objects”

AprPAD Day 6: The Rise and Spill of the Mole


There’s a river that no one’s seen,
Mole by name, apropos, blind to light,
dimmed to sight, rolling underground,
glimpsed on rare days when the moon

sways it high to rise and spill,
skimming the fields as tendril filled
tonics, and I stand here knowing
that you live deep below my feet,

silent and steady, and I touch
the soft spring grass above you
hoping that you shine your strength
and eternity on my innocent wonder.

Written for Recursion Prompt Day 6

AprPAD Day 6: Me and Isaac


Me and Isaac,
we used to be couple.
He was quiet
as a book; he claimed
I was cold as pain.

I claimed that he
was as tasteful as hot-
dog salad, a valid
assault on the senses,
and like it or not, when

Push came to shove
Neither of us was sorry
that we jumped ship
and dumped this idea
to get together again.

Miz Quickly Day 6, Song Title Scramble. 
From Confessions on a Dance Floor. Madonna, Songs Titles: Get together, Sorry, Jump, Isaac, Push, Like it or not

The Rainswept Blur

Poems are not, as people think, simply emotions (one has emotions early enough)—they are experiences.” —Rainer Maria Rilke


We have worn paths to the most forest-deep
secrets in each other’s lives, tree crowns beyond,
reaching up into our mind’s eye – because we know
where trees go and that they are full of wind,
and I carry myself out into the rainswept blur,
into the drainage ditch, and we hurl our toys.
For whatever we lose (like a you or a me) it’s
always ourselves we find in the sea. And I am
suspended in this ephemeral moment,
holding in my hand a smooth round stone
as small as a world and as large as alone.


The players in this poem, include:
In a Blue Wood by Richard Levine
The Forecast by Michael Dumanis
Crossings by Ravi Shankar
maggie and milly and molly and may by E. E. Cummings

Written for Recursions Day 3: Panning for Gold (Form: Cento, Found Poetry)
Day 3: Panning for Gold (Form: Cento, Found Poetry)

The Doorer


Everyone knew when she had arrived;
she was a doorer.
Opening the door of her car
into trees,
other cars,
people’s knees
toppling bikers off their seats
dismounting toddlers from their trikes
she took no notice of people
she’d lay flat on the street,
toppled and tumbled
reduced to a heap.
Everyone knew when she had arrived;
she was a doorer.

Written for  Poet Asides Day 1: “Arrived”  NaPoWriMo Challenge

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