Beyond the Ninth Syllable


Seed and saturate imagination’s threshold,
weeding to control bold words that are often
flayed wild from a sword’s edge. Clipped
and snipped, slight syllables that weaken
and unwind beyond ninth to a line, and I hear
skeptical sighs as I strive for mere twelves;
one day a sonnet I might write.

Written for Sunday Whirl 104 using words: often, saturate, bold, unwind, skeptical, slight, threshold, might, control, sigh, ninth, and sword.


Simple Songs and Stars

aboriginal-dancers-sunset_6618_600x450SIMPLE SONGS AND STARS

Our open hands lift voices,
songs in delicious, crisp apple tones.
We sing, mixing sugar-smudged notes
into rhythmic mantra and mythic dance.
We are simple people with uncomplicated
prayers, no need for technology as our
voices activate stellar lights into showering
sparks, and in unity we urge our songs
to chase wishes into the hollows of night.

Written for Sunday Whirl’s Wordle # 103 Words: Sing project mantra technology urge merge stellar smudge unity inquisitive activate delicious
photo from Getty Inst. Photos