AprPAD Day: 18, We Merrily Go Round

We Merrily Go Round

It’s an unhappy thought,
being next in line. Parents
gone, moved on, leaving you
next on that revolving wheel.
One falls away, leaves a cog
to be filled, round we
merrily go, and yet we’re
profoundly surprised
and unprepared for the day
when we jump free
from our cog on that wheel.

Written for Recursions: Day 18 – The Big Wheel Keeps on Turning


4 thoughts on “AprPAD Day: 18, We Merrily Go Round

  1. Was thinking the other day that you know how they do childbirth lessons for expectant parents? Maybe we should have death lessons to help us contemplate and prepare for when our parents die. One says and does some very strange things, unprepared, apart from what we have read in books and seen on TV, movies etc and it is nothing like any of that stuff. I don’t know if it is an unhappy thought, just one that we visit with and then run away from, back into sunlight and activity…

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