Beyond the Ninth Syllable


Seed and saturate imagination’s threshold,
weeding to control bold words that are often
flayed wild from a sword’s edge. Clipped
and snipped, slight syllables that weaken
and unwind beyond ninth to a line, and I hear
skeptical sighs as I strive for mere twelves;
one day a sonnet I might write.

Written for Sunday Whirl 104 using words: often, saturate, bold, unwind, skeptical, slight, threshold, might, control, sigh, ninth, and sword.


24 thoughts on “Beyond the Ninth Syllable

  1. LOVE this, Misky!! And as far as Sonnets go….it’s the prompt at PA today, too!! But…Robert gives permission to just go with a 14-line poem…which, I have no doubt, is the route I’ll take. 😉

  2. Misky, how sweet that you wrote a short poem about searching for brevity and form! I’ll never write a sonnet, it seems. My dreams are too exaggerated, too lively for the Dickenson style…. This was great! Amy

  3. I don’t think snipping the words help that much, try a sledge hammer. Then they will behave 😉 Yea, I know sonnets are hard, may one land in your lap very soon.

  4. Love this Misky because it’s so much fun to read. I love alliterations! Can’t stop reading it out loud. 🙂 Sending it to C she loves alliterations too… but not till Friday…finals.

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