AprPAD Day 13, Lucky Rabbits


Over there
 . . . . . . there is a dragon
And there
 . . . . . . a tiger and a monkey
But here I sit
 . . . . . . a rabbit
 . . . . . . oozing luck –
Such a lucky rabbit –
Rub my foot to see!

Written for Miz Quickly’s Prompt for Day 13


6 thoughts on “AprPAD Day 13, Lucky Rabbits

  1. The luckiest bunnies of all are those with all four padded paws!

    Our house hold name for horoscopes is ‘horror-scopes’. I remember reading a story once where a Voodoo practitioner was hired to curse someone. And all they did was mention that they only needed a few fingernail clippings or strands of hair to complete the task they were hired for. And yet nothing but words were spoken. In less than a year that ‘Someone’ did die a filthy recluse afraid to live. Words have power.

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