A Twist of The Pearl

A Twist of the Pearl

Conversation over the table –
a coffee, a muffin,
chocolate, of course,
Saturday afternoon with friends,
one more attentive than the others,
one slowly turns the pearl earring
piecing her thoughts. She thinks
back to last weekend, anticipating
tonight, and hears very little
of what the other is saying.
We smile and we nod. And I’m
lost in my own thoughts,
smiling and nodding nevertheless.

Written for Miz Quickly’s Prompt 11: Secret, in which we’re asked to go somewhere, a place with people who are strangers. (I went to the garden centre café). Pick one person, write four lines about them, pick another person and write four lines about them also. Create a secret for each of them, and one for yourself. Note: create your secret. Don’t just spill the beans.


10 thoughts on “A Twist of The Pearl

  1. Oh dear, another senior moment. I thought I had commented on this wonderful poem earlier today and just now discovered I had not.
    I love the title and your attention to detail: coffee, muffin, chocolate 🙂 I find it fascinating to see how each of us responds to the same prompt.
    In response to your question regarding my poem, Hometown 1965, the butcher really did find the missing ballots in the meat case. They were under the ground hamburger. I liked the idea of sliced bologna better – poetic license! Thanks for reading and asking!

  2. Brings back memories of being behind the counter…in another life.
    Only seeing fleeting bits of customers lives…daydreaming about them. And wanting to be home.

    I know a multiple cat owned home…After all we know who the real bosses are don’t we…anyway some of the places are not were I’d place those sand traps.

    I think our grandparents may have used their socks for treasure more often than folks do now 😉

  3. I really like your title and how it makes sense of the poem upon reading it. I can see her, twisting it with a far off look in her eye.


  4. Excellent write Misky! Love the detail of twisting the pearl earring–funny how people have little idiosyncracies that give them away 🙂

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