AprPad Day 9, A Low Day at Tai Tam


The tide spilled orange to red today,
it crept in slow with the moon,
a paddling low carpet of crimson thread,
spreading broad in weeping sheets, wet
and hot under a Tropic of Cancer sun –

and I am helpless but to watch this poison
sucking breath from air, and tainting
drink from rain. And I have plunged into
sodden melancholy again,
or maybe I’m wistful; I’m not sure

the difference, except for its
pronunciation. My reflection is vacant;
it seems soaked and dullishly translucent.
I long for the sight and scent of familiarity,
a sturdy mug of tea swirled with milk.

(note 1: I always found the red tides around the Tai Tam peninsula disturbing, knowing the destruction this algae caused for fish and plant life. It often appeared during the hottest months of the monsoon season, which is a very oppressive time of the year in Hong Kong.)
(note 2: This poem was created using “Free-Write” method, which I found very enlightening. I’ve not tried it before today, but think I shall use it again and often.)

Written for Recursions Day 9: Whitewater – A heavy-handed free-write exercise


4 thoughts on “AprPad Day 9, A Low Day at Tai Tam

  1. I think I unknowingly use free write quite often. I remember having to stay of some beaches during vacations because of red tides. While I knew it was harmful I didn’t know that it was also found all over the world.

    Thanks for your notes. I always find them helpful.

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