AprPAD Day 10, Fill It Up


Late night setting off for home
A stop for gas, a window wash,
Polished chrome, and coffee black,
A quick phone home
And a free drinking glass
When you fill up the tank with gas.
Self-service – not a chance.


Miz Quickly’s Day 10 prompt: Alone or At the Party
Painting by Edward Hopper


17 thoughts on “AprPAD Day 10, Fill It Up

  1. I started driving in New Jersey, one of the few states where you are not allowed to pump your own gas. Not that it is hard to do. So it was quite a different thing to get used to Pennsylvania, and service at the pump. Few stations are just for gas anymore. Most have some type of alternate service, food or mechanical.

    I like your verse. I remember getting free cups and other favors at gas stations. 🙂

    Thanks for your visits.

  2. Love this one, Misky! Nostalgia gets me every time! I’m using that same photo for tomorrow’s poem. Service really was serving back then. I love listening to my 90-year-old mother tell it like it was!

    • Thanks, Marianne! I’m not 90, and I well remember station attendants checking tyre pressure, oil, window fluids, washing the windows and polishing the hood ornament. I’ll look forward to reading your piece from the painting!

  3. I’ve seen a few of these stations on back roads here in Wisconsin, and always wonder if they are still in service. They always remind me of my Dad who loved nothing more than to take unexpected turns just to see where the road went. Your poem reminds me of the same. Thank you,


    • My dad used to love doing the same, and I think it resulted in my tendency toward wander-lust. Happily, I married someone with the same tendencies. Thank you for your comment, Elizabeth.

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