How To Star Gaze


When night swims in the depths of dark,
go out in warmth, so be you dressed,
and find a field that yields no light.

Take one sweet of heart beloved
and stroll with fingers linked. Climb
upon a grassy knoll where scents

of green earth spill, and there lay
you down upon pillows, rest.
Be far from city lights shone bright

so that every chilled ice-ringed
diamond sings joyful hallelujah
from the depths of heavens far.



Written for Poetic Asides, AprPAD Day 8: “Write an Instruction Poem”


2 thoughts on “How To Star Gaze

  1. Your poem is lovely, reminds me of Bengt making Edith a bed of grass and flowers in the garden in Denmark. My grandfather had romantic ideas too 🙂

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