AprPAD Day 8: LaLaLa Muse

LaLaLa Muse

LaLa little white lies we told each other
all those shady disguised kindnesses
LaLa lost in strategically placed words when
all I wanted, in truth, was to say
LaLa leave me be so I may think,
all I need is sublime quiet for these words
LaLa lingering on the tip of my pen to spill
all thready and billowy across a white
LaLa lined page, so yes, I still love kisses,
all that I can get, and yes, I
LaLa love you, but a minute or three is
all that I need so I can hear myself think –
LaLaLaLaLaLa, sorry, I canโ€™t hear you at
all while my muse is chanting LaLaLaLa!

Miz Quicklyโ€™s Prompt Day 8: Poetic Form ABECEDARIAN
To join Miz Quickly’s Poem-A-Day Challenge just pop over to http://imprompt.wordpress.com/


13 thoughts on “AprPAD Day 8: LaLaLa Muse

  1. I like Stan’s comment, so with appropriate attribution, I am taking it: Flippinโ€™ โ€˜Lโ€™ that was fun! I love the poem that emerges despite the lalas and which they enhance.

    • Do you remember when Eddie Murphy in Beverly Hills Cop did that LALALALALA sound to drown out a person speaking? There’s a bit of that there. Did you notice that the left margin also spells out LaLaLaLa?

    • I hadn’t thought of that but it does have a chattering quality to it. How funny. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Many thanks for reading it, Miz. Appreciate it.

  2. Most definitely a repeating acrostic …or an acrosTic!
    I think my muse just likes challenges. But dang they take up time don’t they.

    Thanks as always for your support. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Now that I have two very diverse examples of the prompt (you and Stan), I may try it out. This is looking like fun. I ran into a single minded muse today so had to go where she led me.


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