Thick Laced Air


My shoes wear to thin
as I search from the liquorice-
fragrant lakes near Lud to Rome’s
dolostones fashioned into ruined
history, to Reigate’s air
laced thick with the taste
of burnt and blackened sugar –
I’ve searched from there to where I
now stand, and I’ve found that
when my mind is wracked, that there’s
nowhere like being in your
steady and calming
deeply singing shadow.

Miz Quickly Day 7: Places
Prompt Instructions: Include a place you’ve never been, a place you know well, and a place fictional or imaginary. For each place, appeal to different pair of senses. In one, maybe sight and hearing or hearing and taste; then in the second you might still use hearing or sight, but paired with smell. Do be specific.
Fictitious town: Lud (from King’s Dark Tower series)
Place I’ve never been: Rome
I place that I know: Reigate, Surrey, UK


10 thoughts on “Thick Laced Air

    • Thanks, Marianne, but I think this one needs a few tweaks and a good polish. 🙂 It does flow quite right. Sincere thanks for reading it and leaving a comment.

  1. “steady and calming / Deeply singing shadow” Really nice sequence of vowels.
    (I was teetering on using the area beyond the wall from Game of Thrones for my fiction. I like yours.)

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