The Rights of Cutlery


Auntie Bess from Boston set the table
With knife and spoon placed right
Because she said that’s what’s right.

But Auntie Lynn from London set
The knife and spoon and fork to right,
But neither of them could eat a piece

Unless they wore their teeth.

Poetic Asides say 7 Write a Sevenling poem


4 thoughts on “The Rights of Cutlery

  1. A Sevenling sounds like
    Maybe it escaped from
    a dark tunnel somewhere
    in Middle Earth
    three fingers on one hand
    four on the other
    seven toes?

    your Auntie Lynn xx

    • Oh yes, Auntie Lynn! With thin bands of precious gold around each toe… just because it’s fashionable, not because it’s a Frodo thing. šŸ™‚

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