AprPAD Day 5: A Kiss and a Pee in the Wee Hours


Everyone remembers
their first kiss, everyone
except me. It must have been
remarkably common, you see,
ordinary and routine
like brushing your teeth, or
finding your way to the loo
without being fully awake, or
like taking a pee and returning
to bed only to wake without
any memory of it. I mean,
how ordinary is that?
It should’ve been like stepping
on sharp stones, anticipation
to the point of discomfort,
and it should’ve been like
rushing white water, but alas
it was probably more like
a sleepy trip to the toilet
for a very forgettable pee
sometime between the small
and wee hours of the night.

Joseph Harker’s Recursion Day 5 prompt Water Borders
My random words/phrases are stones, kiss, water


7 thoughts on “AprPAD Day 5: A Kiss and a Pee in the Wee Hours

    • Thanks, Pearl. Joseph’s prompts are an interesting challenge as always. I enjoy them. If you start doing them, be sure to post your link on his blog so I can be sure to follow along with your lovely poems.

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