AprilPAD Day 2 – Smoking


This was like being caught in the flash
of a pan – struck flat by a sun-brazed grill
that whipped waves of searing heat off the sand.
She was a marinated steak waiting for the pan
to preheat, waiting for it to smoke blue
before adding more suntan oil. She cooked
expletives, scorched and crackled to cinders.
One-Two-Three, she counted out loud,
and dashed for the cover of one umbrella,
then the next, feet so fleet they smoked,
and when her toes finally plunged into soft
rolling waves, she stood ankle-deep cooling,
soaking up tropical breezes and salty
brightness, and there she stood until sunset,
when darkness rescued her from the heat.

PA Day 2 prompt: A poem using both bright and dark: http://www.writersdigest.com/whats-new/2013-april-pad-challenge-day-2


5 thoughts on “AprilPAD Day 2 – Smoking

  1. Wonderful, Misky. I’d say she had a real conflict–a desire to enjoy the seaside and an issue with being in the sun. Not easy to balance that one. Loved it.

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