April PAD Day 1 – Meekly Purple


The grapevines that year
grew toe to foot wide
and spread across the hills
in fluidity,
reaching from the warm
red soil to the cloudless sky.

It was August,
and the dusty air
assumed a refined tint
of sulphured pollen.
And we were meekly
and completely stained purple.

Purple to the bone.
Grapes. Low and heavy,
swaying behind broad-footed
leaves, lazy long-hung
droplets of dewy
jewels, purple dyed.

We were Enrobed,
royally enthroned,
intoxicated by purple,
and as children we
loved purple. It was
the colour of summer-earned

pocket money, grit
ground between our teeth,
suntanned skin, freedom, and cracked
deeply grape-stained hands.
Vinegar we were told,
they said those hands must be washed

and scrubbed in cold white
vinegar. We were
awash in little white lies
and wives tales. And
slowly the purple
wore away as we wore pink

dresses on Sunday
and white gloves on our
stained hands. But we couldn’t wait
for summer to come,
the scent of warm red
soil, cloudless skies,
and dusty pollen filled air …

And the purple colour of money.




12 thoughts on “April PAD Day 1 – Meekly Purple

    • I enjoyed doing her early prompts, so there’s no way that I’d miss having a go at her April prompts! Thank you so much for reading my poem, and leaving a comment. Always appreciate that you’d make the journey over here. 😀

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